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Haunted History Tour

Quick Details

Adult 13+ Starting At
Buy 1 Get 100% off - Children Free child - 12 and under per paying adult
Children 12 & under Starting At
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Ghost Meters (ENHANCE YOUR TOUR) an EMF or Ghost meter detects extremely low frequency or paranormal activity. You can ask them yes or no questions also.

Ghost Trolley Tour in Wisconsin Dells

The haunted trolley Experience will take you to the darker side of the Dells. We believe the truth can often times be more frightening than fiction.

Prepare to learn about the hidden side of the Dells and the surprising haunted history they try to cover up! We visit a very haunted cemetery, discuss multiple haunted locations and tell you the frightening details.

There are stops where we get off of the trolley, if you dare, not required of course.
.  We will look for orbs (watch out for the red orbs.) We will use our ghost meters in the search for spiritual energy.

Fancy marketing have kept the death and tragedy hidden in the Dells, until now. We are going to tell and show you what they don’t want you to know. Some of these stories may keep you up at night. Join us on the Haunted Dells Trolley tour for a VERY unique experience and become a believer!


Brat House Bar & Grille ( an old church, turned restaurant) where we will hear the story of the little girl that haunts the restroom and the old Union soldier that has been seen many times inside

Outside of Ghost Molly’s showboat saloon.  She passed away mysteriously in the apartment above the bar!  Come find out all of the details and why!

Spring Grove cemetery where we will get out and visit the grave site of the confederate spy, Belle Boyd

The tour typically lasts 90 minutes but can go longer with strong activity.  Great times and shenanigans!  Book now, limited tickets will be available.